Carl S. Howarth


M.S. Materials Engineering, Drexel University, September 1992

Thesis Topic: In Plane Shear Behavior of 2-D Braided Composites

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, May 1988

Key Skill Sets

  • Design

Concept creation and refinement using SolidWorks and Ideas solid modeling.

Structural finite element analysis using NASTRAN, Caefem, Ideas, and Femap.

Particular emphasis on polymer technologies involving fiber reinforcement.

  • Business

Created a startup consulting firm which has been operating successfully since August 1997.

Partnered with other design firms and offshore engineering support to provide the most cost-effective solution to customers’ design, development, and analysis needs.

Identified, pursued, and ‘closed’ a customer base consisting of automotive, industrial, and sporting goods manufacturers.

  • Communications

Authored and presented technical papers on a diverse range of polymer topics, from 3D textile composites to thermoplastic elastomers.

Created and sold a ‘Design for Thermoplastics’ seminar which educates customers on proper design, analysis, and assembly of thermoplastic components.

Ability to effectively communicate with people at any level, regardless of their education, experience, and position.

Professional Experience


Howarth Development Associates    Detroit, MI                   8/97 –  Present

  • Provided thermoplastic part development services, including part design, analysis, costing methods, and design refinement.
  • Applied costing methodologies to client products and developed cost models for client quotation systems, strategic planning, and benchmarking tools.
  • Wrote interactive database ‘case tools’ to assist clients in assessing product cost structure.
  • Performed market research functions for clients, including data for global market size, product positioning, and target market demographics.
  • Established automotive technical resources for the client, specifying hardware and software, and training personnel.


LNP Engineering Plastics, Inc.

Lead Applications Engineer                    Detroit, MI                    9/95 – 8/97

Advanced Applications Engineer            Detroit, MI                    9/94 – 9/95

  • Managed LNP’s automotive engineering efforts to support LNP customers and prospects.
  • Provided design, processing, and program management direction to clients, including:                    ‘Metal to thermoplastic’ cost and structural feasibility studies, structural analysis using         FEA, management of customer requested R&D testing programs, customer mold trials,   material recommendations, preliminary design concepts, design critiques.
  • Coordinated LNP technical resources for major program activities.
  • Presented LNP seminars and technical papers.
  • Assisted marketing in identifying emerging applications for LNP materials.
  • Established and maintained a full-service field engineering office, including UNIX workstation.
  • Represented LNP at customer meetings.

Applications Development Engineer        Exton, PA                     7/92 – 9/94

  • Expanded LNP’s customer accessible database of thermoplastic design properties.
  • Performed design and feasibility studies of proposed thermoplastic components.
  • Presented part design and LNP capabilities seminars to customers.
  • Designed material testing programs for customer specific applications.
  • Authored technical papers on mechanical properties of reinforced thermoplastics.
  • Performed mechanical testing of thermoplastic composites.


Drexel University                               Phila., PA                     9/89- 4/92

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Managed and executed sponsored research projects in advanced composite materials.
  • Manufactured and tested composites, including bike frames and an auto chassis.
  • Authored and presented technical papers at NASA and SAMPE conferences.
  • Analyzed composite aerospace structures using finite element analysis.


AMP, Inc.,                                          Harrisburg, PA              6/88 – 9/89

Die Rotational Engineer


  • Studied CAE software including structural & mold filling FEA, mechanical analysis.
  • Learned daily operations of molding, stamping, plating, and assembly facilities.
  • Trained in progressive die shop, learning capabilities of various machining equipment.
  • Produced die and mold components using mills, lathes, surface grinders, and EDMs.
  • Worked in production stamping facility, operating presses and maintaining dies.


Johnson and Johnson                       Milltown, NJ                 1/87-6/87

Personal Products Research                                                 1/86-6/86

Pilot Plant Mechanical Engineer Co-op                                       1/85-6/85


  • Designed, installed, and supervised the fabrication of prototype equipment.
  • Priced and submitted appropriations for design projects.
  • Developed processes and equipment for product development/research groups.
  • Assisted in equipment scheduling and evaluation for purchase.



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